How to Grow Instagram Business via Blog? (2023)


Are you interested in how to grow your Instagram business via a blog?

In this blog, we’ll provide how you can boost your reach to the public and build a brand with a strong social media presence. However, it is not necessary to have a blog to grow your Instagram page.

When you make your new Instagram Account or were inactive before with an old account, it’s quite difficult for you to find the best method that works for you, and picking any plan and trying all the methods can be tough.

In this article, we present how you can convert your Instagram Profile into a blogging platform to attract readers and embed your Instagram feed in WordPress to gain the maximum possible engagement to explore.

So, without any further delay, let’s go.

Target audience

Pick up a Great Username

Picking up a great username is so important. It should be punchy and picky, and the Username should attract attention.

When you already have a blog, you should have the same name on other platforms.

And, if you don’t have a blog name yet, then first you need to pick up the right blog name, book your domain right now at https://www.godaddy.com, and here you can check username availability too.

Decide your Niche

We would say before starting any business; you need to pickup your niche. A niche is an opportunity to sell a particular product to a specific group of people. So, by thinking of profitability and considering options for all the products/services simultaneously, you should be focused on a particular product/service. A niche will differentiate you from other brands. 

The niche in your Instagram profile must be the same as the blog you focus on.

niche based growth Instagram on How to grow Instagram Business via blog

Likewise, if you’re a travel blogger, you should avoid other fields like fashions or musical topics. By doing this, you’ll end up your followers in confusing, and it will be hard for them to gain your trust, which ultimately is hard in gaining genuine Instagram followers.

Firstly, if you haven’t confirmed your niche yet, you must take the time and make it. In today’s world, it’s not a time to take all products/services at the same time; even all the large and big companies are focusing on particular products, and just because of this, they are famous, e.g., Nike is focusing only on the world of shoes.

Deciding your niche will serve you the first answer to the question of how to grow Instagram business via blog.

Use of Instagram Bio :

It is easy for you to understand how a little tiny space on your Instagram account can be useful. It can convert your Instagram followers into a customer and transform your followers on other platforms like YouTube.

The only place where the URL works on Instagram is the Instagram Bio space. So, fill your Instagram Bio with your Blog URL, and you can navigate your audience to your blogs. 

It will be wiser if you study the concepts of the same niche that have already taken a large number of followers, making you understand what techniques work the best. After understanding, stick to that and keep blasting all away.

Share the posts of your Blogs on Instagram:

Sharing the posts of your blogs will attract more traffic to your blogs. You can influence your posts to click on your blog website provided on your Instagram Bio.

It may be a complicated task, but you should share your blog posts on your Instagram story as well in the posts section only if you want to grab and attract more and more audience by using:

  • High-quality pictures
  • Catchy Captions
  • Proper hashtags matching your subject

To make high-quality content/pictures in new posts, you do not need an expert graphic designer. However, there are numerous apps and softwares where you can easily make your posts by using software and apps like Canva to create high-quality content for your Instagram Blog. There are countless numbers of ready templates which make your work easy, and you can make any posts in just minutes.

Also, to write catchy captions, there are a few techniques you can use:

  • Firstly, start with a storytelling ideology by asking several questions to the public.
  • Then, share relatable ideas/experiences/thoughts so your audience can relate them with them.
  • At the time of ending, share a thoughtful and positive note by providing a solution to the problems.
  • At last, share your next ongoing project for which there will be waiting with lots of curiosity.

Appropriate hashtags matching your subject are essential on Instagram to make your posts reachable to other people.

Finding relevant hashtags can be a great discovery for you. Once you find the best trailing hashtags, stick to them by following Instagram guidelines. Find your hashtags in your niche. To find the best hashtags follow similar bloggers and analyze what they are using. It is a great thing that Instagram provides what hashtags a particular user is using, which in the case of YouTube, does not show.

 The hashtags which you use should neither be overused nor underused. Atleast such hashtags should have 1000 posts. Do not use top hashtags in your niche because you’ll be live in that particular hashtag for only a few seconds, and then your posts will be gone down. Thus, it will be more effective if you use an average hashtag. 

So, do some research and look out what keywords are working better for you. Also, keep in mind not to use more than 30 hashtags in each of your posts because the Instagram ceiling limit of hashtags is just 30. Do not forget to tag your posts. With the proper description of your post, hashtags also play a vital role in reaching your more and more audience.

Use of CTA:

In many posts, you must have seen popping up buttons like “click here” or “download now” This kind of word provides your audience with an action to be made. Therefore CTA stands for “Call to Action” buttons.

One must add CTAs to your posts if you are likely to call actions from your targeted audience like read now, limited edition- enrol now.

Using CTAs, you can provide links to navigate your audience by saying “link in bio” because Instagram Bio is the only place where links work.

Similarly, you can also add call actions in your captions.

It’s a basic fact that everyone knows that once a post gets a high engagement ratio, such a platform automatically boosts its position.

Instagram Feed on your Blog:

When you embed your Instagram Feed on your blog, it helps you generate a more engagement ratio between your blog and your Instagram posts.

It increases visibility and increases the chances of getting more followers. Also, it makes you aware of your readers about your presence on different social media platforms.

Consistency is the Key:

From all the above and below-mentioned points, Consistency is the primary key among all the other factors. You must be consistent and make consistent serious efforts to make your brand and enhance your business.

consistency on How to grow Instagram Business via blog

There’s no point in getting inspired and motivated for a single day and keep thinking, sitting on the other days. Keep using your best by using Instagram. You never know what will work best for you. Thus, keep making efforts every day will surely provide you with the results.

On every social media platform, including Instagram, the users stick only with Consistency; if you post once a day, your audience would expect you to provide the content every day.

An ultimate way to be consistent is to maintain a social media calendar on Excel sheets, Docs, or Calendar forms. Also, schedule tools like Buffer may help you automate the posting schedule.

Consistency all alone can define you the best answer when you perform for a longer period on how to grow Instagram business via blog.

Connectivity with Targeted Audience

One needs to build a hardcore connection with your audience that makes them stay for a longer run.

Target audience on How to grow Instagram Business via blog

The audience loves stories and their ideology, so one must present their blog in the way of stories that ultimately links with them.

Firstly, understand the needs that your audience wants from you. After that, dive in that particular direction. Further, provide them a solution to their problems.

Connect with them, talk with them, allow them to give their real view, and respect their opinions.

Usage of Instagram Stories

In today’s time, the best way to promote anything on Instagram is its stories. It is analyzed that 71% of users like to see Insta Stories daily.

You can either post a direct weblink to your blog, which you want to provide or make daily posts. When your account is public, you can reach a new audience through Instagram Stories because it gives you a new fan base to grow your business.

instagram story

Try to summer up all the relevant information in one single story frame. If you post many stories, chances to watch them all go very rare as viewers like to see only a few stories, so the options become less that viewers will go for the second or third story frame.

Follow and engage with other bloggers.

Posting likable content is necessary to grow followers. The most effective way is to share your comments, like, and share the content with other influencers in your niche, and this is how you build your community.

Once you come up in the eyes of big influencers, they may decide to feature you in their posts or stories, or maybe they call up for collaboration content.

Some pooled tips are:

  • Use the most popular hashtags in your niche, follow them, interact with posts.
  • Make a checklist showing that top brands of your niche market are active on Instagram. If you find any of them are inactive, reach out and ask for a collaboration.
  • Build strong networking by enrolling with different communities.

Run Giveaways on Instagram


Providing giveaways is a great technique to gain Instagram followers and enroll your existing followers. Everyone loves to win a free amazing price; here in this technique, your current followers work as a marketing team for you where you can insert conditions like to share on ten different platforms, share in 10 whatsapp groups. And you reach maximum people with less budget.

Run Advertisement on Instagram 

Suppose you want to reach the public at large in a short period and where you don’t have any funding issues. Then you may go for Instagram Ads.

The more you spend more you reach the public. The best thing about running Instagram ads is that they are easily manageable and customizable. You can target your particular audience to whom you want to show your ads, and it could be anything like your profile, any post, your blogs, etc.

You must have a Facebook page to run and customize your target audience on Instagram Advertisements.

This is how to grow Instagram business via blog by running advertisements and by running paid campaigns.

The Benefits of a Blog (if any):

There are numerous benefits to promoting your blog/Instagram profile. If you dive in the right direction, this can be the best place to grow your reach & enhance your followers.

According to a survey, Instagram standalone has daily1 billion active users, which shows it has a great potential to spread your brand.

As time changes, people demand visual content instead of reading the articles. Thus, making viral content or presenting visuals can be helpful for your brand.

It may help you in:

  • Growing a large community around the world.
  • You are boosting the engagement of your blog.
  • Promotion of the latest posts.
  • By attracting more traffic to your profile/blog.
  • & in multidimensional ways.

So these are some of the tips of How to grow Instagram business via blog. For more social media marketing tips you can follow us on our website.

If you find this article helpful for you. Kindly share your views in the comment box. Your reviews help in making our writing better. See you in the next article. Till then, Bubbyeee!

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