Pay Per Click (PPC)


PPC stands for Pay – Per Click. Here advertisers charge a cost for each “click“to advertise to the public. It is used to reach the targeted audience at your website rather than to earn from them. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. charge a fee for every single click advertised by them at the top of the search page.

PPC is a part of SEO used to grow your business in a shorter time.

PPC is used for campaigning, which is adequate to:

  • Brand Building
  • Enhance Sales
  • Boost the leads

E.g. Suppose, a company, namely Kvcolor, which provides the best SEO Services and Digital Marketing, wants to expand its business in Jaipur. It shall campaign in a particular area by using PPC to make it a brand and make more clients.


When you search for something, Google shows some ads to you before the websites; that is called Google Ads. Google charges costs to show your ads on the top of search pages. For each keyword, Google places bids, i.e. for different keywords, different CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is calculated.

Its Benefits:

  • Influence the Audience
  • Get rid of competition
  • Aid visibility to the targeted audience
  • Campaign strategies based on user demographics such as age, locality, profession, etc.
  • Brand Exposure
  • Produce Results in the Right Time
  • Focus on multiple keywords at a time
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
  • Can Measure your Performance
  • Easy to calculate your ROI
  • Pay only when the user clicks
  • Expand your business globally
  • Manage your campaigns.