Retargeting ads campaign is online advertising to your bounced traffic when they leave your website. In a survey, it is found that only 2% of the website traffic converts in your client. Thus, Retargeting is a process in which target traffic is rest 98% who are interested in your services but didn’t converted yet.

How Retargeting Works?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses javascript code. This code is anonymous to your site by placing cookies in their browsers. When a new visitor comes to site, then code drops a cookie in the browser. Using that cookie we produce data of the bounced traffic. And this how retargeting works.

There are different types of campaigns such as Google Retargeting Campaigns, Facebook Retargeting Campaigns, etc. Where it is easy to retarget our non-converted traffic into the conversion of business.

Our retargeting strategy delivers attractive and catchy advertisement design which helps in successful campaigns and gets you the best results. KVcolor always focuses on lead generation.