What are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on social media marketing?


Social Media Marketing is one of the best parts of Digital Marketing by using social media platforms and community companies, startups, firms, and organization can build their brand, awareness of services and products. If you have some queries related to SMO this article will help you a lot. So without wasting your time here are some of the common questions related to Social Media Marketing just for you.

1. Are there any benefits of social media marketing for my firm?

If you are not using social media yet, this is the time to convert your business online with social media presence. Expert analyst report says that 2020 to 2021 will the social media and online marketing time. The traditional method of marketing will be reduced by 70 to 80%. Throw social media a company or firm can build a relationship with their audience and help them with sales funnel.

A number of your business fans, followers and your likes can also help to know your reach. In last success for a business is how many audiences are drives to your sales funnel, how many of them visit your website, how many of them generates leads, and how many of them convert as your customers.

2. What’s the ROI and how much cost for SMO?

If you are managing your social media account and campaigns, taking help with your friends and relatives, hiring a social media employee, or outsourcing any Digital Marketing Agency, there is always a cost. It could be time or money. Because someone spending their valuable time on it.

Whatever the money and time you are putting into social media marketing will get your business the best ROI even more than your investment. As per our experience in the digital marketing industry ROI does not mean only revenue. It can also some other objectives, such as increasing your brand awareness, increasing email subscriptions, getting leads, getting more fans, followers, and likes, boosting your targeted audience confident in your brand, boosting customer satisfaction. ROI depends on your marketing strategy. The strong and focused marketing strategy will get you a better ROI. Every business has a different marketing strategy for better ROI.

3. Is social media marketing help to get famous for my business?

Yes really. We do have experience it positively for our many clients. Social Media Optimization doesn’t even have any negative effect. Either your audience takes interest in your services or product otherwise they can ignore your post by un-follow or dislike. Even you are harming your business by not using social media marketing. Small firms are converting their firms into a brand by using social media marketing.

4. Does the blog help in social media marketing?

Yes! A Brand should never compromise with the blog. It is the must-have asset for any business. A blog can increase your business credibility as a niche expert, also provides your website keyword-rich content regularly. Search engine crawlers help in indexing your new content if you’re regularly producing content on your blog. A blog is also helpful to create your do-follow links.

The blog is the most important part of social media marketing. A link to a blog post helps actual customers to know about your knowledge about products or services that generate faith. With the blog post most of the business driving social media traffic on their site and convert them as a customer or future customer.

5. How much time should social media marketing take each week?

It is a full-time job. It is sounds easy to manage social media marketing but time is everything in social media marketing. You can save little time by schedule posts by using different scheduling tools. If you are running a paid campaign on social media you need to track those activities on your all social media accounts. Creating a post with catchy content that fulfills your clients need and get your conversion. So image selection and designing the post took time. Even the description and title are also important. Responding to your audience, and checking analytics. If anything goes wrong correct that. So it’s a full-time job if you want to maximize and real result.

6. How should a company using Facebook for marketing?

Facebook has billions of active users worldwide. Find your audience form those billions of active users and convert them into your customer is should be your marketing goal. Use Facebook to interact with your targeted audience, and share your post and content that helps your audience to learn, to know, to purchase, and last, that should uplift your followers to share it as well.

7. How can we use twitter for marketing?

Twitter has over millions of active users on it so we cannot ignore it for the online presence and convey our message, services, products, and thoughts by twit on twitter. You can share your content and also use influencers in your industry to get your followers.

8. How can companies calculate their success with social media marketing?

It depends on your business type for example if you have online products or services selling a business or you have a physical store, or financial adviser, etc. the process of measure success will be the same like it is for traditional marketing. Success can also be different as per business nature. For some business a customer is visiting their site can be a success and for another call on their business contact number can be a success. All in one success can be measured according to the different parameters like traffic, leads, and contact form filling, etc.

9. How can we use LinkedIn as a social media marketing?

LinkedIn has millions of users. It is a perfect place to share your thoroughly content and the best place to interact with your audience online. LinkedIn also has Groups that can be used to answer the question related to your industry. A business page like Facebook also helps to connect with your audience.

10. Is YouTube work for marketing?

As the expert says a single image equals 1000 Words in SEO so we can imagine how important is a video for marketing? Videos are becoming more and more popular in the world of social media marketing. YouTube has over Billions of views per day. Promoting a brand image with YouTube is a good idea to get a result. Even if your business has good video content then running an own YouTube channel can also get good business.

11. Are Influencers are an important part of social media marketing?

If you have a very good presence on social media then the second option to build your brand is influencers. You can easily find Influencers on social media. You should build relationships with them by providing attractive content that will help them too. If you find guest blogging opportunity that will be the best chance of great success in your industry and when an audience sees that you are also connected with such big influencers, they will see your company or firm as an expert.

12. Which social media platforms should I have for my business for a better result?

This is a tricky question but there are not fixed platforms for every business. You have to research your audience. Like some of the clients are using Facebook and another and engages on Instagram, some of your targeted audience are on LinkedIn. To find out where are your actual customers are, do some competitive research on what your competitors are using follow your customers or discuss with your marketing agency. 

13. How can I take control of online reviews on my social media platforms?

Control on your reviews and comment is not possible anymore. Some platform providers you control on comments but not on reviews. Either you are in communication or not you cannot control people what they think about your products, services, or brand. People will talk about you online and there is not a way to control. Best way to use this as an advantage engage with your client those are talking about you online. If they are happy thanks to them and if someone has any issue resolve the issue. If you have negative reviews try to solve your client issue, because positive and negative reviews can influence your audience’s impression of your brand.

14. Which type of content converts best in social media marketing?

Test, twist, and test again until you don’t find the right fit. Because every business has a different audience. What your audience likes or not that is a part of the research. Just start with competitor research. Sometimes it is better with info graph, sometimes questions, and sometimes quizzes. It can be anything that working fine for your business.

15. How long does it take before I’ll start seeing results from social media marketing?

First of all, results throw social media is like a marathon. At the start, the new audience will know about your brand so it will take some time to get faith in your brand then revisit your website or again seen your post. You will also find instant results. Social Media Optimization results depend on variables like time, effort, and marketing management, your budget, your strategy, audience, etc.

16. What are the common mistakes while doing social media marketing?

The biggest and the worst mistakes are a lake of consistency only posting spotty (once in a week or while running campaign). Not responding when your audience responds and engages with your content. Social media is not only to announce your offer or main content. It is a platform where people like to engaging so do have a conversation with your audience, like there post, give your business idea. Such type of engagement with the audience will increase your share and likes.

17. Is social media optimization good for B2B or B2C businesses?

It’s major for both B2B and B2C in a different manner. Both businesses need a different marketing strategy. B2C has a vast audience so its post design is according to them. But if we talk about B2b, the targeted audience for B2B is very less so post and content will be different here only valuable industry content works. An only marketing strategy can be different but social media is vital for both.

18. What are some tips to keep in mind for successful social media promotion?

The consistency of posts is the biggest factor in social media success. A minimum of 2 daily posts is required. Every post should show your business quality and services. Answer the question of each audience, engage in conversations. Motivate audience engagement while it is a comment, like, or share. Educate your audience with some meaningful content related to your business. Your Graphic designer should be creative.

19. Should businesses use Google+ for marketing?

We never recommend Google+ for marketing and campaigns. Google + is no longer available for business and user personal profiles. But it used to rank your images and indirectly get traffic on your website. You should now ignore Google+. If you have your important data on G+ please download it as soon as possible. Google has shut down G+ for new user you. For more information about why google shutdown G+ please read Google article about that also sees the full FAQ for that from google itself.


After the huge research and queries, Kvcolor presented these Question Answers related to Social Media Marketing. We have attempted some of the famous questions. If you have some more queries related to SMO please feel free to ask in the comment section of this post. You can also comment on the suggestion for this post or give us an idea for a future post.

If you own a company and want to hire a digital marketing agency for your social media campaign or legitimate full Digital Marketing Services please feel free to contact KvColor for free consultancy. We love to help you. Thanks.

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